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Learn About Leasing

Find out how car leasing works and discover the best option for you.

Leasing gives you certainty and peace of mind. It’s a smart and easy way to budget and tally the costs associated with operating a vehicle against the income that will be generated from it. It also keeps your fleet modern and can even include the cost of signwriting to help you present the image you desire for your company.

With no up-front capital outlay, you can move funds that are otherwise locked into your vehicles to other areas of your business to help you become more productive.

Simply make an advance payment, followed by an agreed number of regular monthly lease instalments. At the end of the operating lease, you collect your new replacement lease vehicle, leaving Flexi Lease responsible for all the residual value and disposal risk of the old one.

If you choose a Fully Maintained Lease package, your one monthly payment will also cover annual licencing, warrants of fitness, scheduled services, agreed replacement tyres and maintenance due to fair wear and tear. That means you can relax, knowing that Flexi Lease is responsible for the risk and cost of unexpected mechanical repairs, or those unbudgeted maintenance costs that always seem to end up landing in one month.

By choosing to lease your business vehicles, you will save time and money with:

  • Tax deductible* fixed monthly lease payments
  • Easier and more accurate budgeting
  • Preserving existing credit lines
  • Releasing working capital for more productive use
  • Total peace of mind through our full maintenance programme
  • Reduced management and administration costs
  • Terms from 6-60 months*
  • The latest model vehicles

* Terms and conditions apply.

There are several options at the end of the lease. You can choose to:

  • Update to a new lease vehicle
  • Extend the existing lease for a further term
  • Offer to purchase the vehicle at market value
  • Return the vehicle

From balance sheet performance through to reduced downtime for management and key personnel being distracted on unexpected fleet problems, leasing your company vehicles can provide a substantially more friendly tax environment and generate better returns for your business investment dollar.

By choosing Flexi Lease, your business can benefit from:

  • Claiming back the GST component of the monthly lease payment (GST Registered)
  • Releasing funds tied up in your vehicles for more productive areas of your business
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Stabilised cash flow and budgeting with fixed monthly lease payments
  • No residual value or disposal risk

“Talk to your accountant for more information on how leasing can help you fine-tune your balance sheet performance.”




Product Information Sheets

We’ve compiled all our solutions into simple, one-page information sheets so you can print them off to table at your management meetings or review at your leisure.


Our Leasing Glossary is a great place to school up or refresh your mind on all the technical jargon used in the leasing and finance industry.

Leasing FAQS

We’ve compiled a concise list of the most frequently asked questions and leasing basics. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you’d like to know more, give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.